Category: Physical Computing

Lab: digital and analog input / output

Doing the labs brought up some questions. For example, even though the code and the analog circuit with the potentiometer seemed fine, the Arduino read weird numbers. After restarting the Arduino I have received the values I was expecting.                 Questions: I would like to understand more the “delay”

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Every time I see my reflection when I am most unprepared I have this awkward moment of self observation. It takes me a moment to realize that the person I’m observing on the security camera is actually me. And so I wore my detective jacket and went to survey in the market shop on Saint

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The Switch

For my first time of my life, I made a switch. I was very curious about the joints between the different components. Therefore, I decided to focus on different ways to attach them. I knew that I do not want to use a breadboard, even though it can make life much easier. Choosing to build the circuit

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Physical Interaction

Interactivity has an immense power on us. Using it can enable one to create an immersive reaction on the other. My definition for interaction is a feedback loop between two or more objects. Furthermore, In order to have a physical interaction both objects should be at the same space and each need to have a

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