Quick and Dirty – show and feedback

Description: Two rats draw light fractals with their bodies in space. The Rats are being tracked by a webcam and detected using image processing algorithms. The patterns are created according to their location and then are projected on top of them.

The black bait station plays as a color palette. When entering the station, a rat will change the color of the visuals from red to white.


Video by Tiri


One person reacted in disgust when seeing them but most people were very fond of them and wanted to be around them.
The main feedback I have received was that just meeting them, face to face, change their mind on rats. One said she never thought she would like rats so much.
Dorthy said the visuals reminds her of thoughts that are spreading from them. She also suggested to try and evoke their disgustedness by changing the clean environment that they were in.
Some people asked where they came from.
During the show, people reached out to them. Some pet them and some asked to hold them.
It felt like the rats are overcoming the work itself. People did not seem to see the rats and the visuals as one work and found the rats much more interesting. They reacted to people in a personal way, what evoked a reaction from the spectators.

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