Month: April 2017

Underground World Mockup

The process: I covered the surface with paper and tape to create an organic feel to the environment. Following that, I covered the paper with papier-mache that I have made with toilet paper, glue and water. Left it to dry for the night. On the following day, I colored it with acrylic paint. Then I sprayed a

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Progress – Changing the Point of View

After the Q&D I realized that I have to change the way we look at the rats.Here is a sketch that describes the installation’s narrative. I lifted the arena from the ground, in that way you have to crawl underneath in order to see what is inside. I imagine it higher so people can stand and adjust

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Quick and Dirty – show and feedback

Description: Two rats draw light fractals with their bodies in space. The Rats are being tracked by a webcam and detected using image processing algorithms. The patterns are created according to their location and then are projected on top of them. The black bait station plays as a color palette. When entering the station, a

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