Sipori Savta – old wives’ tales

My Grandmother is the best storyteller I know. My initial idea was to use jewelry my grandmother gave me and to tell their story. She travels a lot and every time, she has a new story to tell and a new piece of jewelry.

I sent her the pictures of the jewelry pieces I brought with me and called her to hear their stories. However, these jewelry pieces don’t have a very interesting story behind them.  Instead, she suggested to tell me about a very special piece. A book that holds a family story which I remember from childhood.

Here is our conversation (in Hebrew):


Since I was unable to bring the actual book, I asked my grandmother to take pictures of it. From these pictures, I created a 3D model of the book that my great grandfather made to my great grandmother as an expression of his love.


Here is the story my grandmother had sent me (English version follows):

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