AR, Animals and Abandoned Buildings

This weekend I was looking for abandoned sites. I was looking for an abandoned theater based on the following map:

Unfortunately, I could not find it. After further exploring this map I saw the Highline mentioned as part of the deserted sites, what made me think it was not as up to date as I thought.

Then, Guy mentioned he saw a building near Tompkins Square Park that I might be interested in.

The building was beautiful. On the fence, I could find some contact information and I plan to call the building owner soon.

Since I planned to use Augmented Reality as part of my work, I was looking more in depth at the ways it can be applied. I tested how can animals be represented in an AR experience. I used a database of rats’ observations in order to locate the specific location in which rats were seen in my street (Saint Marks Pl).

When pointed to Mamouns’ sign, instead of Einstein’s head appears a rat.


Additional references that I run across this week:

RadiLab episode about animal minds:

I was looking at how people are represented from an “animal point of view” in Fantastic ms Fox:
See full movie here.

AR animal by National Geographic:


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