Projection AR

For the first assignment, Shir and I created a spatial augmented reality experience using projection.

We had to stick with the 3 characteristics of AR/MR:

  1. two layers combined
  2. interactive in real time
  3. registered in 3d space

Our first instinct was to use the fridge. We thought of augmenting a figure inside the fridge, and use the door as our switch. We made a switch from a conductive tape and tested a tiny laser beam Wifi projector from the ER. Thinking of the interaction and how it can be related to the projected content, we came up wit a few ideas. We could imagine a figure loses its balance when someone is closing the fridge’s door,  a bottle that contains a pink drink that gets refilled every time you put it back in the fridge and much more. However, the depth in which we could put the projector in the fridge was not enough in order to project a focused image. We found ourselves wondering around the floor and looking for inspirations.

At one point we thought of using the cotton ball cloud that lives in the lobby as a weather indicator, that will interact with the people waiting for the elevator, but at the end, we decided to create a real-time Xray machine.

password: AR

We used Processing’s blob detection library in order to detect the white page. The image of the skeleton then reveals itself only where there is the white page while the rest is black.



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