My hourly comics

Today I documented every hour since I woke up until now.

For my hourly comics exercise, I took short videos of my point of view at that moment and sang about my day in Hebrew.

At the beginning of today, my main reaction was freaking out by how fast the time flys. But as I did it more and more it became a weird habit. I started to be more aware of one hour slots.















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  • Ian

    The idea of a video showing point of view is interesting. Given that video can’t show the entire field of vision you had at the time, I’d be interested to hear more about how you chose where to point the camera. I’m also interested in the choice to sing over the video. Are the final clips pieces of larger documentation you did or not? If not, was it the length of the song you sang that determined their length?

    It looks like you spent a lot of this particular day working on a proposal for something, and I’m wondering if you were surprised after the fact how much time you spent on that. I know when I was documenting the project on my blog, I was surprised by how many hours I had watched TV, despite theoretically knowing the number based on how many hours of TV I had documented and responded to in real time.

  • Jonah Spear

    Hi Gal,
    For me, one of the striking and endearing things about this story is the presence of food.
    It’s so human to have you check in and see what you’re eating. I hadn’t considered how personal that it but seeing what you were eating throughout the day made me feel close with you and connected with you.
    It’s also remarkable to see how much your computer is there in front of you. I think it reads, in a way, as a testament to how connected you are with that little machine… perhaps how connected we all are.
    I don’t understand Hebrew so the singing was an interesting personal accompaniment to the day’s progress as well.
    I didn’t get a good sense of “what’s happening” necessarily, but I got a sense of place and of vibe.

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