Month: January 2017

Research & process

Today I met with Margret the librarian at Bobst library. The meeting was extremely helpful mostly because she asked me questions to guide her search that also made me better define what I am interested in. As part of the search, we have found amazing archival footage of animals in New York. Video of pigeons

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American Folk Art Museum: “Securing the Shadow” visit

Yesterday was my first time visiting the American Folk Art Museum. I was surprised that until now I have never even heard about its existence. I was excited to see the exhibition that Marianne told us about. The exhibition included three sections. Two sections of drawings and one of pictures, they all depicted people who died. My

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My hourly comics

Today I documented every hour since I woke up until now. For my hourly comics exercise, I took short videos of my point of view at that moment and sang about my day in Hebrew. At the beginning of today, my main reaction was freaking out by how fast the time flys. But as I did it more

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