The Poop Museum

I was struggling with what kind of a museum I would like to create and share. I was debating between a poop museum and a “Shameful stuff that our body does museum”.I realized I want the museum to be both.

The experience of the spectator will be to explore different stories about poop. The stories will be intimate and personal and will combine facts about poop. In that way, I aim to evoke mixed feelings, of embarrassment and curiosity, among the spectator.

The museum will include elements from my ongoing project InOut that. One will use Augmented reality in order to reveal the visuals and the stories behind the different elements.

I imagine having a grid of images similar to the following work by Spencer Finch.

By Spencer Finch

Here is a sample of the food pictures.



Here is a first test I did. I used the food pictures as an image target.

The read more about this process see this post.

When Facebook knows what are your interests, it can lead to interesting discoveries:

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