Month: December 2016


Current Times from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.   THE TEAM Gal Nissim: Body Scan, Fabrication, Mixamo Design, Max Patch, Unreal Engine Integration of 3D Avatars, Scenic Design Lindsey Johson: Body Scan, Chat App Designer and Developer, Scenic Design Angela Perrone: Body Scan, Fabrication, TV stand design, 3D Mesh Work: merging meshes, texture baking & mesh

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The Poop Museum

I was struggling¬†with what kind of a museum I would like to create and share. I was debating between a poop museum and a “Shameful stuff that our body does museum”.I realized I want the museum to be both. The experience¬†of the spectator will be to explore different stories about poop. The stories will be

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Poop AR – test

I tested the idea of revealing the poop images on top of the food images using AR.   I followed the following tutorial: Instead of a 3d model I used a plane object and attached a picture on it. I also changed the maximum

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