Synanthrop Preserve – update

In order to choose between Tompkins and Washington, we wrote done the pros and cons for each park.



  • A hidden green spot
  • A little rough looking, has a wilderness atmosphere
  • Zoo like experience (a lot of distinctive areas)


  • Human-pigeon interaction was not

Pigeons: more wild. did not beg for food and run away when we approached them.



  • A hidden green
  • Bird-human interaction was observed


  • Too famous
  • To clean

Pigeons: are more attentive to humans, ask for food, cycle around.

We thought who is our audience, this question helped us lean towards Washington square park. In addition to the fact that the relations between humans and pigeons was mostly observed by us at Washington square.

This week we expanded our research and each of us interviewed our potential audience. I went to the park today (Monday) and talked with people who set in the park.




The interview:


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