Art Show of My Dreams – A Memory Museum

Trying to remember what was the first art piece I have ever seen made me feel woeful, I could not recall. Maybe it is because all my life I was surrounded by art or maybe there is another reason for that. It was very hard for me to imagine the museum of my dreams because that museum will be surprising and will include art pieces that I have never have seen before but also evoke strong feelings.

I have a list of artists which I would like to see their works in this show. Maurizio Cattelan, Frida Kahlo, Mark Dion, Patricia Piccinini and more. Going back to the article at the New York Times I was trying to recall art pieces that had a huge effect on me and were ingrained in my mind in my mind.

The most recent piece had an immense effect on me and after seeing it I was astonished by its power called Manifesto by Julian Rosefeldt. I saw it one month ago when I was traveling to Perlin in order to present my work at a conference. You would enter a large dark room in which 12 large screens follow after 12 different characters that all are being Played by Cate Blanchett. Wondering in the room one can choose which story to follow after but then something magical happens and all the stories become synchronized and the powerful faces of Cate Blanchet fill the room with a monotonic singing of the manifesto.


Another art piece I have a vivid memory of is Pulse Room – Venice biennale (2006) at Venice biennale. I remember entering to an old building in Venice and seeing a high selling hallway that hundreds of dimming light bulbs were hanging from. In the middle of the room, there was an odd dark object with handles. After holding the handles strongly one of the light bulbs had changed into a different rhythm and was showing my hurt beat, at that moment I realized that all the other dimming lights were showing the hurt beats of all the other people that have come to see the project before me – it had its own memory.


There was one work that I could not find the artist’s name, which I saw almost 11 years ago was in an old mental house in Jerusalem. It was a long white small corridor which in order to walk in you had to band. When I walked in the corridor the walls got closer and closer until I was a giant inside of this force perspective space that at the end of it there was a tiny door. It was a door to the outside world and behind you could see lightning ants traveling on an old stone wall.

I think of this museum more as a place that I would like to share with others rather than my dream museum.

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