The Synanthrop Preserve

After creating a concept map in order to organize our thoughts we realized that there are main two changes that we are aiming for. The first one is a perceptional change, we would like to make people see pigeons, for example, as animals rather than pests. In addition to perceiving the city as an ecosystem in which human built but do not own. The second change is a behavioral change that will focus on not feeding the pigeons but out of appreciation and not because of trying them as pests and wanting to decrease their population.

In the following picture, two maps can be seen. The blue map on the right is a more informational map and the colorful map on the left depicts the experience.



The audio tour will explore one of the urban parks in NYC that park we’ll choose, either Washington square park or Tompkins park. Our audience will be people who live in NYC and probably live near the park or spend time in it and not used to see it as an ecological niche.

Another shift we experienced in this project was from a museum to a preserve. Creating an urban national park experience will better serve our goal of approaching human-animal relationships from an equal point of view.

In order to motivate our audience to participate or engage with our audio tour, we imagine it as an event.
pros and cons.


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