Nudge and a Pain Point

My first apartment in New York is on Saint Marks. I tend to chose my apartments according to how loud they are. At Saint Marks loudness does bother me, sometimes I even enjoy it. What is really painful is the crowd on the street appropriates the staircase that leads to my house and blocks it on a daily basis with their bottoms and trash.

Observing on the passerby that when the staircase was filthy and not very appealing to sit on draw people away.It seemed like a reasonable solution to make the stairs to less appealing but I am more interested in finding another way to keep them clean of people and garbage.

Comments on the readings 
pages 1-110 of Richard Thayer’s Nudge.

It seemed like there are so many possibilities for defining what is a Nudge.
Libertarian paternalism believes that it is ethical to affect one’s choices if it will benefit their well-being and health which will allow them to make better decisions in the future. The liberalists hold the opinion of giving guides rather than controlling. The other present an opposite argument that claims we should not manipulate one’s choices. They believe in free will. Thayer presents arguments that contradict that claim and support the liberality paternalism.

Questions I had regarding the reading:

Did not understand how it is possible to enable libertarian paternalism if everything we do will affect one’s choice?

in addition isn’t liberality partialism oxymoron?

If one will be aware of the existence of nudges will it enable home more free choice?


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