Stream GoPro HERO4 to Mac over WiFi

After a lot of searching, tutorial watching and talking to GoPro Technical Support (1 (855) 635-3578), I finally managed to get a live stream from GoPro Hero 4 to my Mac.

In this post, I will put emphasize on what I had problems with. I could not find these notes in any of the other tutorials but after troubleshooting and doing a sanity check using the GoPro app I managed to get the stream from the GoPro Hero 4.



  1. Install FFmpeg.
    I installed it trough the terminal …$ brew install ffmpeg –with-ffplay.
  2.  Create a network name and password using the GoPro app on your phone.
    This will enable the connection between the computer and the GoPro hero 4 over wifi.
  3. Download a Python script that can be found here (to enable a continuous stream).


  1. Connect the GoPro to the wifi of your computer:
    – Turn on the GoPro’s wifi: Setup –> wireless –> ON
    Important note: do not forget to EXIT SETTING MODE!!
  2. Copy and paste this “ffplay udp://:8554” to the terminal.
  3. Copy and paste this “” to your browser. Then you’ll get “{status“: “0”}”.
    Maybe you’ll need to change between “restart” and “stop” a few times until the stream works.
  4. Go back to the terminal and the stream will appear.


Problemsand their solution:

The is a big lap of about 5 sec and the stream stops after a while.

In order to get a continues stream as soon as the stream begins the python code should be running.
I run it through the terminal by getting to the folder I saved it in and then write “python hero4-udp-keep-alive-send”.


Reducing the delay can be reached by puting this “ffplay -fflags nobuffer -f:v mpegts -probesize 8192 udp://:8554” in the terminal instead of step 2.



I found the following tutorials helpful:

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