Can rats be beneficial to the ecosystem of New York City?

In last week’s meeting with Dr. Martin Blaser, we were asked to use the scientific method of approaching a research question in order to convey our ideas clearly.

Question – the title of the project.
Method – what is the approach – art (a video that brings deferent suggestions).
Results – has something happened have I found something?

I have never thought of borrowing this method from the science world to the art world. Dr.Blaser’s great suggestion helped me to form a clearer thought of my project.

In my work, I’m looking at rats from a different point of view and the question that I’m raising is – Can rats be beneficial to the ecosystem of New York City?. After Dr.Blaser’s visit in the class and the way he talked about bacteria – how they were once perceived only as harmful and today, we know that many of the bacterias are extremely helpful and useful to our existence. That made me be even more confident in the way I chose to look at rats as beneficial even though today the prevailing opinion is that rats need to be exterminated.


As an exercise to expand my idea I needed to think of a few possible executions of this story.

  1. A linear video that has a scientific voice-over and will include videos of rats that I collected from the internet and that I filmed.
  2. An animation.
  3. An interactive installation – will include objects that are related to rats such as a trash can and manhole cover, etc. This object will revile the story of the city rats and their significant role in this ecosystem.

The results will be the spectators’ exposure to the final project.
My conclusions are yet to come but I the partial conclusions I got so far are that it all depends on how we preserve the world and the culture around us. Doubting our prejudice can reveal some marvelous things.

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