Trat (Trash-Rat): Update


This week started with buying the perfect huge trash can from Brooklin and caring it all the way to ITP.



Animation and Projection:
I projected the animation on the trash can and white wall. My main problem was that I got a white square that showed the projection’s frame. That lead me to try two ways that will allow me to not reveal them.


The first thing I tried was to invert the animation. So instead of having a white background I had white rats.



Even though it solved the “White Square” problem I felt that this new aesthetic I was getting looked to computed. Therefore, I chose the second solution, I created a spotlight illusion as if the projection is a street lamp lighting on the trash can.


Interaction (sensor testing and Max patch):

I used a laser break-beam sensor which works well but in a very small sensing field, anly if you through garbge right in the middle of the trash can it will activate the running rats. Using m

The Max patch with Syphon objects that enable to serial connect between Max and Madmapper.


Teat this Trash!




Next steps:
– Fix the Max patch and the Arduino code (make them more efficient).
– Expand the sensor’s sensing field either by using mirrors or using a proximity sensor.
– Make it wireless by using a Bluetooth dongle and a battery as the power supply.
– Add sound to the animation.
– Maybe paint the trash can into white.
– Improve the resolution of the projection.

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