The first time I saw rats, after a long time I couldn’t find even one, I run into around 20 rats. I was so exited that I took out my phone and started filming them. Unfortunately, one of them was way to excited and tried to hide under a parking car that on the exact same time was driving out of the parking slot..



I have filmed rats for several weeks and here is another video of a cute rat on the subway traks.



This week I was very confused about the direction I want to take my project to. Watching a lot of youtube videos from both schols (rat lovers vs. rat haters) I saw there are two very different ways to shaw rats. Since I would like to change our believes on rats and to examin if they can be benifical to us, I will use the aestetics of both and “mishmash” them into one. Using other elements like music and the information that is being convaid I will change the messege.

The great power of music and editing can create a totally different context as can be seen in this new version of Mary Poppins’ video.


I’ll use real and fake facts about rats to present their positive contribution to NYC’s ecosystem. For example, there is an interspecies competition between New York current residents (the Norway rats) and the black rats which are the main diseases carrier species among rats. Black rats are negatively impacted by the presence of the Norway rats, in that way they help us in preventing serious infections in humans caused by the first. When they do transmit diseases to humans, that can cause death, they are helping in decreasing the human population and as a result can reduce the negative effects of climate change.

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