The Lonely, Old Dresser

Created by Gal Nissim, Angela Perrone, Thea Rae

[add final documentation video here]

An old dresser, whose friends and loved ones have gone forever, sits alone in a corner wanting nothing but company, yet finds it hard to leave the comfort zone of solitude. As one approaches the drawers, they are scared away, even pushed away by this lonely pile of wood. But if one hangs around long enough, the drawers will warm up to the stranger and make a gesture and reveal a secret.


1)When an individual approaches, the bottom drawer of the dresser will shake to scare them away

A solenoid motor is attached to a facade of a drawer. It is mounted on the side with string and , hitting the partially unmounted facade, causing it to move up and down.
2) The top drawer will open several times, coughing and pushing the person away even more

A larger DC motor is attached to the back of the top drawer with a string, eye screws and a spring. The spring allows for the drawer to pull back after only opening so much via the string. The string is wrapped around a gear-liked head on the shaft of the motor.


[vimeo 158279399 w=500 h=281]

testingthemotors from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.

A clear plastic tube connects to a water pump that sits inside of small box, filled with saw dust. The pump sends out saw dust to complement the coughing sounds when the drawer opens and closes. The dust represents a cough, as well as a dilapidated, falling apart dresser body.

3) The second drawer will pop out just fast enough to peak the interest of the onlooker

The second-from-the-top drawer is set up the same way as the top drawer, with a DC motor, string, eye screws and a spring. Inside this drawer is a Pepper’s Ghost illusion that reveals a memory held within the drawer. This is set up with a cell phone showing a video on loop, projected onto an acrylic sheet at a 45 degree angle.

4) If one stays long enough, that drawer will re-open, revealing a memory

[vimeo 158279247 w=500 h=889]

First good test from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.






[vimeo 158278252 w=500 h=281]

finaltest from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.

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