Visual Illusions – Midterm Proposel

Last week we had a field trip to NY Hall of Science in which I even surprised myself. I felt like a little curious child again and for one hour I forgot most of the semester’s overload. I was inspired by the Mirror box that was as part of the illusion exhibition in the museum.

Mirror Box was invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to help alleviate phantom limbpain, in which patients feel they still have a limb after having it amputated.

People who had been imputed commonly felt their imputed limb as if it is in an abnormal position. Seeing their health limb in a mirror instead of their amputated limb enable their brain to create a new representation of the limb.

Seeing the Mirror box I remembered the “Rubber Hand Illusion” I got familiar with during my undergraduate degree.

I was curious to examine if also a digital brush and representation of a hand can get a similar effect. Therefore, I will create a digital mirror box in which I will test if also a screen can create a similar illusion. The audience will have holes to put their hands trough and a camera will send a live feed that will be shown on the top of the box.

For us it is harder to believe a video on a screen than to a mirror. It is more reasonable that the screen had some kind of manipulations. The next step will be to test haw much can the image be distorted and still reach an effect.

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