Imported from Israel: Work In Progress

I choose Lady, my beloved childhood dog as my portrait subject. I remember the day when my parents and I went to the shelter for my 9th birthday, it was love at first site. She used to follow everywhere I go, but when my childhood got farther away so I got apart from her. Moving to New York from Israel I knew it will be the last time I’ll ever see her.

Lady 2011



In this work, I recreate this emotional connection through physical gestures, by creating a virtual connection that no longer exist.

What happens when someone who became a part of us leave?

Growing up from your childhood pet. Losing her will be like losing a part of myself which maybe I already lost. Some say that during a long relationship each side absorbs the other. In this work, I’m curious in switching skins and to make a human-animal hybrid.


With the help of my mother who took Lady’s pictures I created a 3D scan of her.


In order to create this remote physical touch, I used a green screen in my scans.




My first experiment was to import a mesh into Lady’s texture.


I worked on the texture maps




0% Infusion

50% Infusion

50% Infusion

100% Infusion

100% Infusion


100% Infusion


Finally, I narrowed it down to two options.

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