A great animation I came across when I asked myself what are the possible solutions to CSO.

This week I started to contact with some of my experts, mainly I have written emails that are ready to be send. Thinking about the necessity in relations of “give and take” with my exports made it very difficult for me to contact them and to press send.

While reading more about rats, I become more depressed. In most of the articles I read, it is mentioned over and over how much rats are dangerous to humans and that claimant change only makes them invade more to human habitats. In those articles, they were discussing how to exterminate the rats. Every piece of nature we have, even if it is an urban nature, we are pushing it away from us.
I believe rats can benefit humans, as can be shown in the following video:



    • What happens to rats while there is an overflow in the sewage system?
    • Do they know to predict when it is about to happen (the same as some animals can predict earthquakes)?
    • Does CSO push them toward humans’ habitats?

I’m very interested in answering these questions and in seeing (and showing) how the world looks from the rat’s point of view. In Readymades, for example, I’m working with Angela to create a day in a rat’s life using only audio. One picks up a rat’s skull and like one would listen to a shell to hear the sea, they will hear the rat’s origin – environment (see more).

Moreover I’m intriged to see the world through real rat’s eyes. As I mentiond on my previous post, I would like to I would like to atache a camera to a rat.



Night vision spy camera

The problems that I currently have:

  • How can I get the camera back?
  • How can I get a rat (catch it)?
  • How to attach a camera to a rat?

Hopefully, it will enable me to find ways how we can benefit from the rats (nature) around us. Rats are well known for their great sense of smell, perhaps they can detect poisonous gases that are leaking in the sewer system.

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  • Stefani

    Great Post Gal. The animation is great – it takes the nuanced topic and simplifies it in a pretty successful way. Good to educate the kids – they are easier to convert.

    I love how you continue to think about this project. I know the expert situation has not been easy – but the proposal is great and I think you are pushing the idea (and yourself) in interesting directions and that is really something special and not to be looked at askance in the face of getting not quite what you want/need yet. Part of the problem is that you are going down a very green path – i.e. one that has not been too trodden – so yeah it’s a pain but the silver lining is that it’s really original and that is harder to come by.

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