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During this week, the NY underground world occupied my mind. I found myself doing works in other classes that are related to my subject. On Friday, I went to the Bobst Library where I met the multidisciplinary librarian Nicole. She exposed me to their guides list and to the branched library data system. To my surprise it was very difficult to find information regarding the NYC underground wildlife, therefore I scheduled to meet with one of the guides – Margaret Smith – who can help me navigate through the library resources.

Inspaierd by Steve Duncan, an urban explorer who has extensively explored the New York City Sewer System, I would like to go to the New York underground and explore it.

My first step was to search what animals live in this magical world. Exploring further I discovered that also humans use the sewer system as their home, they called the Mole people.

Although, sewer alligator seem as a very sexy subject for some reason I’m curious by rats.

During this week, I have realized that I want to hook up a camera to a rat and to see the world — its world, through its eyes.



Potential experts:

Steve Duncan
Urban Historian and Photographer.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Margaret Smith
Physical Sciences Librarian
Bobst Library, New York University.

Anne Rademacher (urban ecology)
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Environmental Studies at NYU.

Patricia Lancaster-Brown
Infrastructure & Urban Development class
Clinical Professor NYU, M.S. in Real Estate.

Eve Mosher
Environmental Artist.

Matthew Frye
Urban Entomologist at Cornell University’s integrated pest management program.


Jason Munshi-South (Evolution in the Anthropocene – rats)
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Louis Calder Center-Biological Field Station
Fordham University

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