Computational Portraiture: Final Project Proposal

Create a computational portrait.

The portrait must portray a person, in an environment conveying something about them that is not visible to the eye. It must be of a person who is not an ITP or NYU student (the person can also be an animal).


Consider integrating one or many of these creative constraints into your portrait:
• The viewer of the portrait may interactively influence the perspective.
• The portrait is synthesized from entirely found images that you did not take yourself.
• The portrait’s final form is not an image, but rather a sculpture.
• Place a real person in an imaginary space.
• The person portrayed was never actually present in the environment depicted.


Exclusively Imported from Israel

I have known her for more than 17 years and When I left Israel I knew it will be the last time I’ll see her.

For a long time, I’ve been avoiding it, except the fact every time my parents call I immediately check up on her. Sometimes, doubting them (based on a previous event with a cat) I ask for proofs — her pictures.

I’m intrigued by the deep wish to preserved our loved ones. Can it be ever fulfilled? There are some bizarre ways, but some try…

A stuffed pet.


Allegory of the Present, artist unknown.


What happens when someone who became a part of us leave? Some say that during a long relationship each side absorbs the other.

I’m very interested in relations between humans and animals and by the separation from nature we are so determined to maintain, but at the same time, we lack. In this project, I want to point out those relations by changing the figures’ skin/fur and to create a human-animal hybrid.


Moran Kliger Untitled


A previous work of mine.


To do that, I will create a 3D scan of pictures of Lady imported straight from Israel. I’m still not sure if I will use scans of all my family members or just a scan of myself. I will probably create an environment in unity in which the figures will change over time. I would like to 3D print her with the new texture.

The first step is to play and see whether Lady will be the one who will change her skin or whether the person will absorb parts of her in a shape of a fur.


Technical Questions:

  • Is it possible to combine textures only in some parts of the 3D model?
  • Can a video of a person can be used as a skin sheet?
  • Can a movement be created using a static 3D modle?

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