Pixel – Chocolate

What is an image?

Our brain is amazing, 2D images do not really exist.

this image looks abstract at first but


What in this image?

If you still don’t now there is a small replica of the image above. When I’ll tell you the image will fixate in your brain and this is all you see. You wont longer see abstract chocolate stains.

Moo I’m a caw


להוסיף התייחסות!!! http://specterofreason.blogspot.com/2014/11/tok-illusions.html



The first idea that came up to my mind was to use sugar as the pixels. But I felt that the substace should be some how related to a caw. The most known chocholate brand in israel has a caw as its logo. That was what led me to use chocholate.

Making Process:

Handful of chocolate chips were warmed in the microwave for about a minute.








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