Ants – Blob Ditection & New House

Based on the illustration that was depicted on a previous post we have finally built our first prototype.

Building in the shop using 90-degree angle corner clamp.

Gluing the pieces together

Finished the third house for the Ants.

Pouring sand into the new house.

Realising the ants in their new house can be seen in the following video.


Blob detection:

We Tested our tracking methods and the impact of materials.

Tracking through an acrylic.

Tracking starts to work and is buggy.


In order to improve our tracking, we used black dots as our ants during debugging the code.

Testing the code with black dots and later on, applying it on the ants

Our first challenge was to detect more than one blob and store their previous positions:


The next step was to project the trails on the ants. Using a program called Madmapper enables us to align their drawn trails to them.

Troubleshooting the lack of connection between Madmapper and Processing with the help of Joe Mango.

Projecting on the wall before projection mapping worked.

Screen shot of Madmapper.

At first, we had the camera on a separate stand from the projecture, which made it very difficult to align the trails with the ants (as being shown in the following picture).

the reason we chose to have that construction was that at the time we did not know how to crop the camera’s visual field.

The projection is not accurate enough.

After overcoming the following technical problem, the camera was put on the projector.

The new setup of the camera and the projector.

What enabled to align the projection in an accurate way as can be seen in the following picture.

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