Prototype – Culturale Jamming

Jen and I were very curious regarding the concept of privacy. The fact that nowadays we voluntarily provide information about ourselves freely is disturbing. We wanted to check how much information we can extract from the network.

We focused on building a profile on a specific person solely from public information she posted. Creating a family tree, for example, was an easy thing to do.

We are very concerned about our privacy, however, by using the internet services on a daily basis we give our data without knowing where it goes. But in fact, companies as google and facebook trade this information. This massive sharing of us raised some question – Does one’s information become the property of the collector? Can the information we collected can be use for every cause we choose?

In a certain point, we felt very uncomfortable with our acts, especially when we thought of presenting all the information we found regarding that person in front of the class. Admitting and revelling this act, that I find myself commonly do, was unpleasant.

What we found interesting and we are still exploring is how the information we collect can be used in other ways rather than sell it.


We were inspired by the following links:

Privacy fears over ‘smart’ Barbie that can listen to your kids.

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’.

Meet The Woman Who Did Everything In Her Power To Hide Her Pregnancy From Big Data.

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