Data & Sound – Birds

For this week, we had two assignments, one using data and one using media . I combined them both.

I used an API that was taken from Cornell bird data:

The Data contains more than 60 different observations. Since I wanted to add a characteristic sounds and images for each bird I filtered the data in such way that only the first bird in each location will be presented.

The sound files were taken from youtube or xeno-canto website.

One of my main problems was using preload() function. Since I’m using many sound files, it is taking too much time to load them all using this function. Therefore, I loaded the files using an external function. In this way, untile one starts to interact with the sketch the files are already loaded.

Another difficulty I dealt with was that the names of the birds have “space”, however, files’ names can not contain “spaces”. Thus, I mapped them (with Jason’s help) in the following way:

birdSlugs = {
“American Black Duck x Mallard (hybrid)”: “black_duck”,
“Rock Pigeon”: “Rock_Pigeon”,
“Horned Grebe”: “Horned_Grebe”,
“Mourning Dove”: “Mourning_Dove”,
“Ring-necked Duck”: “Ring-necked_Duck”

Sketch description:

Each blue dot represents a bird in a specific location, and the radiuses of the white dots represent how many birds were seen. By hovering with the mouse over a blue dot, one can reveal the name of the bird as well as its image. By clicking on the blue dot, one can listen to their calls. To stop playing a bird’s sound click again on its blue dot.


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