Ant Woman

A good friend of mine is working in an ant lab in Weizmann institute. After Skyping with her I had the following image in my mind which I was eager to use. I chose sugar as the main ingredient for an antwoman lollipop because the figure is a hybrid between a human body and an insect head, and both consume and pursue sugar.


In order to create this figure with caramelized sugar, first I had to create the template. I made a skeleton using a metal wire and aluminum sheet (for baking).



On top of the skeleton, using super-sculpey, I created the figure.





I backed the sculptor for approximately 15 minutes until it was harden.



The next step was to make the mold. In order to do that I used “Amazing mold putty” a flexible rubber mold for casting food.



Mixing the yellow and white starts the chemical reaction and enables to create the mold. The mixture starts to get warm and stiff after 3 minutes from mixing the materials together and after 15-20 minutes the mold is ready for use.



In my first attempt I covered the whole ant with the mold and extract it using a utility knife.





Unfortunately while trying to pull out the ant its antenna were broken since the super-sculpey became very fragile after the backing. Therefore, I did an open mold variation.



AntWoman lollipop recipe (one unite):

1/2 cup of sugar

1/8 cup of water

1/3 light corn syrup

1 drop of almond flavour

Olive oil was used to oil the molds.

Lollipop sticks.



Cook together the sugar, water and corn syrup.



The solution must be frequently stirred.



Only after reaching 300 degrees (F) the caramel is ready. Since I did not have a candy thermometer I used the ‘cold water method’. Put a drop from the hot caramel inside a bowl with cold water every few minuets after boiling, when the piece breaks it means that the caramel is ready.



Pour the hot caramel into the molds.





On my first try, I tried to reuse the caramel by melting one of the pieces. However, I realized that after the solution gets cold it cannot be reused.



As a result for each lollipop, I had to make a new pot with caramel solution.

Hereinafter are all the different versions:



I chose to wrap the lollipops in this unique shiny cellophane since it resembled shine layers of chitin some insects carry on their body.



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