Prototype – Systems/ Maps, Ethnograpy and Infrastructure

Whenever I arrive to a new place (work, university, etc.) someone tells me I remind him/her a person he/she knows, some are famous and some are not. It used to upset me and sometimes I was really offended by it. Over time I started to have interest in all these women and thought of creating a diagram of them.

I sketched the prototype and started programing it. In order to create this network I contacted some of the “informers”.

Next to each “look a like” of me there is a small picture of who told me I remind him/her of someone (the “informer”).


While pressing on the person’s image the spectator can get some information regarding the “look a like” such as her name, gender, age and profession.

I wish to create a larger network over time and to restore the other women I was told I look like them.

A more progressive plan I have is to create a hybrid of faces — After pressing on one’s face, the program will create an average image of my face and hers\his.

Additional reading:

Average faces of men and women around the world.

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