A written response – Wim Delvoye

In the series of works “Art Farm” Delvoyed used live pigs as his canvas. He based a pig’s farm in china in which he tattooed them. Delvoyed exhibited live pigs, dried skins of pigs and later on he extended this medium by exhibiting stuffed pigs. The tattoos were also expended from the domain of bikers and punk rockers to other designs which included Louis Vuitton patterns and images of Disney princesses.

Delvoyed explains his choice in pigs: they have little hair so it is very easy to tattoo them but most importantly they are very similar to us. Pigs are being used as an organ supply, varies experienced are made on pigs because of their genetic resemblance to us.

The early tattoos resemble the great connection and resemblance of pigs and humans. However the latest designs are taking the objectify to the extreme. Delvoyed borrows mega icons which carry with them Preliminary information and he takes them out of their original context. Putting the Louis Vuitton pattern on “leather” before it was skinned, implies the expected future of the pigs. Moreover, the prestige icon is covering an inferior creature. Using Disney’s princesses creating a large contrast. Those princesses resemble a naive world childish with an happy ending – the exact opposite from what is waiting for the pigs.

Many articles accused Delvoye to be a provocative. His goal is to evoke a mix of contradicting emotions -Delvoyed repeatedly links the attractive with the repulsive in his works.





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