Laser Segmentation

The laser cutter only allows to do 2D cuts, thus I was interested in using this limitation and find a way to create a 3D model. I used a technique that does the opposite – translating from 3D into 2D, and reconstructed the image back to 3D. I used an MRI mapping which creates a segmentation of body parts in general and brains in particular. In order to do that, I used the Harvard Medical School’s website. The brain I chose to work with is of a person with Huntington disease.



First, I used a sacrificial acrylic sheet that I found in the shop. Following that I used an acrylic I bought at Canal Plastics.


I chose to work with  a “green Edge” acrylic which gives the slides a glass appearance.

The brain’s images are easier to see against a light source.



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  • Ben Light

    Good work. Like I mentioned in class, the etches came out really well. I’d like to eventually see the slides mounted or connected to each other. Maybe with a light source to project shadows on the wall.

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