Every time I see my reflection when I am most unprepared I have this awkward moment of self observation. It takes me a moment to realize that the person I’m observing on the security camera is actually me.

And so I wore my detective jacket and went to survey in the market shop on Saint Marks Pl. Entering the store I saw that the screen is placed in front of the entrance door as kind of a warning sign. The security cameras living inside little black capsules are spread all over the shop’s selling. Even though the atmosphere in the store was very cozy it felt very uncomfortable to being watched.

The first thing I observed was the cashier glancing at the large screen for a long time with a glazed look. Most people just ignore the screen’s existence. Some customers who were waiting for their turn amused themselves by looking at the screen. One of the customers was having two quick glances to the screen while he was paying.

Trying to get a better look on the screen and to observe how people behave plus taking an extreme amount of time buying a cheese and a large bottle of Coke unfortunately made the cashiers a bit suspicious regarding my present.
An additional problem with the observation was that most of the time nothing exceptional had happened. It seems as a potential problem that while serving the customers the cashiers attention is distracted. Even though the all is being record it can be too late.




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