I have recently moved to New York. Moving to another country with only two suitcases makes you very picky regarding what you take with you. After leaving my beautiful Turkish coasters in Israel I thought it can be useful to have new ones. The problem was that we also left our Turkish pot coasters behind. Then I thought what if the beverage coasters will assemble one large pot coaster.

I imagined the coasters as a puzzle and went through a few sketches. I even made a paper model that completely failed. Thinking of a shape, that by replicating it I will be able to form a larger round shape, led me to the hexagon. An hexagon cardboard assisted me to first define rough boundaries.

I had cut the wood stripes into smaller rectangles. Following that I sketched hexagons on each piece using an electric saw.


To my disappointment I could not use the other machinery to cut the negative of the hexagon. After consulting with the shop I started sawing by hand.

In order to mark the initial cut I used a regular saw. However, for cutting the rest of the piece sufficiently I used the Japanese saw.
A sacrificial cardboard was protecting the wood from the C clamp hold.


After making all six pieces I realized that the cuts were not accurate enough. Since the plan was to join them by using magnets it was important that the hexagons will touch each other.

That led me to try a different shape. It was a perfect match!

Doweling Jig enabled me to drill equate holes for the rare-earth magnets. Gluing the magnets was a bit complicated because they were very strong. Eventually I used wood glue and let it dry overnight.


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  • Ben Light

    Great work and documentation.

    I’d love to see a final picture with it all together or with drinks or hot pots on them.

    Is there a plan to sand or finish the wood in any way?

    • Alagazula

      Hi Ben,
      Yes, I’m planning to create a drawing on top of the coasters.
      In such way that only when they are joint together you can see the full picture.
      These will also assist to put them in the right way.

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