Eye Tracker

At first I made a simple shape of an eye. I wanted to capture a motion and make the eye move. In order to do that I created two variables: xCenter and yCenter. I came across a problem when I tried to make the pupil turn to the other side. At my first attempt I switched between the positive and the negative signs. However, because I limited the movement of the pupil with maximum and minimum values, the pupil was stuck. When trying to bypass the limitation by adding +2 (instead of +1) to yCenter I got this weird effect:

Finally I decided to add a variant. Since my goal was to change the pupil’s direction I used a vector.

I thought the movement I have received to be too monotonic. In addition, I wished to create some sort of invective element. Therefore, the movement was still limited but now the variables (xCenter and yCenter) are controlled by the mouse.


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