Strategy Prototype

I’m interested in creating an installation which will include objects and videos in the space but I still have a very vague representation in my mind.
The connection with the spectators, how they react to the work and the ability to use them as a tool fascinate me – this enables to reveal the power and beauty of chance.
The main topics that I would like to explore are feminism and animal studies – both topics share the relation of abuse. Moreover, exploring strong and primitive emotions as discussion and revolution interests me.



1. Stand with your back to 721 Broadway and make a left.
2. Go straight and make a right to 8th street.
3. Take line 6 from Astor Pl station (uptown) to 59 St station.
4. Go to 780 Lexington Ave and open the brown door.
5. Give the seller the order number and take the package with you.
6. Stand with your back to 780 Lexington take right and another right to 60th street.
7. Go three Blocks straight.
8. Enter the Central Park and look for a nice place to seat in.
9. Open the package.
10. Choose where to go and add your directions to the list (URL

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