When I thought about making a flashlight I know that I would like to absorb inspiration from the Animalia world which I find fascinating. After a lot of deliberations with myself and others I had eventually dissuaded to use these “ingredients”:


Nail file, egg, Can opener, LEDs, battery holder

My mission was to insert a tiny LED into the egg and to illuminate it from within. In order to do that, firstly I had to empty the egg. I sanded the egg (which made the shell thinner), put a banded (so the egg will not crack) and put 2 holes using the can opener.


After I emptied the inside of the egg I uncovered the wires and I created an electric circle.IMG_5415


However, to my great disappointment I discovered that the LEDs that I have bought are not strong enough. I thought about enhancing the light by using more LEDs but I head only two wires and one buttery, I reached to a dead end. Then Guy (my partner) offered me to wrap one LED to another and by that to create a series circuit. Even though it helped tremendously, the light is still not strong enough and can be seen only in total darkness.


Long exposure

Long exposure


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  • Ben Light

    The fact that your partner’s name is Guy and your name is Gal, adorable.

    Great work. I love the idea of using an egg as a light diffuser. I’m sure we can get the LED’s brighter.

    Great documentation, I like how you did it all on a cutting board and it looks almost like a recipe.

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